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The Specialist Support Team

Here at DFH Financial Solutions, each customer is valued and cared for as an individual. We understand that every-one’s situation is unique and will require different types of support. Sometimes life can throw you surprises, and you need that extra helping hand to get you through a rough patch. Therefore, we have created a team that specialise in helping those in particularly difficult circumstances. Below is one example when our Specialist Sup-port Team Manager, Phil, was able to help a client in need of some extra assistance.

“About 4 years ago, I was assisting an elderly lady in over £30,000 worth of debt. She lived in a first floor flat without any sort of access for disabled people, which meant she was struggling up the stairs every day. As a result of her health issues, I managed to get her debts written off and was also able to go the extra mile of organising for her to be rehoused in sheltered accommodation with an NHS care team. Ever since, she has sent us Christmas cards every year which has always meant a lot to me.”

Phil, Specialist Support Team Manager

For our Specialist Support Team, their job is about more than just helping customers out of debt. It’s about listening to their problems and making sure they know that we care. If you’re suffering from the burden of debt, then you may feel like you’re all alone. However, if you reach out to us for help, whatever your problems or concerns are, we’ll guide you through every step of the journey to get you back to enjoying the things you care about in life.

“My goal is to improve the lives of those in difficult situations and do more than just the bare minimum. My favourite part of the job is the satisfaction of knowing that I have made a positive difference to someone else.”

Phil, Specialist Support Team Manager

The Customer Support Team

Our Customer Support Team is here to make sure that you are cared for throughout your entire journey with us. We understand that life does not always happen as planned. So, if there are any changes in your circumstances during the plan, the Customer Support Team are here to make any necessary adjustments to ensure that the monthly payments are still affordable for you. From the moment you reach out to us for help, the Customer Support Team will be there to welcome you to DFH and answer any queries about your plan.

“I’ve been working in Customer Services for 8 years now and I love the job because of the relationships that you build with the customers. It’s a very rewarding role because of the time you get to spend with customers on the phone, helping them out of a difficult situation.”

Natalie, Client Support Team Agent

Our committed Customer Support Team is entirely devoted to making sure that you feel taken care of and are fully informed throughout your time with us. They will check up on you throughout the plan and make sure that you’re happy with how things are going. This is because, here at DFH, the customer experience is the number one priority.

“What makes me good at my job is that I enjoy speaking to people. This is highly important when customers call up because they’re upset or stressed about their finances. We’re often the only people they’ve opened up to about their problems. So, they might just be calling up to hear a friendly voice and I’m happy to give them as much time as they need.”

Natalie, Client Support Team Agent

The Creditor Liaison Team

With over a decade of experience working with creditors, we have built strong, trusting relationships that enable us to negotiate realistic payment arrangements for our customers. Our Creditor Liaison Team are committed to negotiating reduced payment arrangements that match your affordability.

“Our job is to make the customer’s journey with ourselves as stress-free and peaceful as possible. We’re so passionate about the work we do, knowing our service improves each customer’s life in one way or another. Each person is a human being regardless of their situation, and we’re proud to continue to support this each day.”

Kayleigh Farrugia, Creditor Liaison Manager

We understand that being contacted by creditors can be scary and intimidating. That’s why the Creditor Liaison Team is here to deal with all of that for you so there’s one less thing you need to worry about.

The Settlements Team

The Settlements Team is a key team within DFH who would be best placed to make savings for customers who have come into a lump sum of money. Due to the years of experience and fantastic relationships, they have built with creditors, they can often secure sizable discounts for customers that are able to settle all or some of their debts early.

“My favourite part of the job is the feeling I get when explaining to the clients how much money we’ve saved them.”

Lauren, Settlements

Here at DFH, all our staff are motivated by the desire to help our customers as best we can.

“I chose this job role because I like to help people. I used to work as a council tax collector before this, but I stopped because I hated asking people for money when I knew they didn’t have it. We’d be asking them to clear their council tax within 6 months when we knew there was no way they could afford it. Whereas, in this role, I know that I’m helping people get out of situations like that. We’re getting them in a position where they can afford to pay their council tax so they’re not going to be worried about that knock on the door. I’ve been doing this job for years because I know that I’m helping people every day.”

Lauren, Settlements