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DFH Debt Management Customers

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People get into debt in various different ways for many different reasons. Some find themselves falling into debt when they are out of work or studying, others as a result of a relationship breakdown and some simply because they have overspent on some of life’s luxuries, when in reality these couldn’t be afforded in the first place.

A 2012 survey carried out by DFH Financial Solutions has shown that many of our customers that have successfully completed a Debt Management Plan are now looking to save their new disposable income each month rather than spend it on themselves on a Holiday or for Home improvements.

This feedback shows that many people who have suffered with debt problems, identified their debt problems and sought a debt solution such as a Debt Management Plan are very likely to come out the other side more apt to manage their money with the tools needed to understand the causes of debt and avoid debt problems in the future.

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