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Fun, Free Things to Do With the Kids

A man and his son gardening.

There’s Christmas break, Easter break, half terms, and then six weeks over the summer where we need to find a way to keep the kids busy! Entertaining children can become expensive especially as all the activities add up.

Things can be even more challenging during the holidays if you’re worried about debts, and you don’t want to put that worry onto your kids. There are debt solutions out there that can help you to get back on your feet. One option to consider is a Debt Management Plan (DMP). It’s a way to turn several monthly payments into one affordable monthly payment.

If you already have debt problems, you might be worried about bad credit, but a Debt Management Plan could be an option. Here at DFH Financial Solutions, we’ll always consider everyone no matter what their credit score is.

Debts mean you might not have much leftover for fun activities with the kids, and although sometimes sitting down in front of the TV can remedy it, children get bored quickly! So, let’s look at how you can have a great time with your children without overspending.


The weather can be touch-and-go here in the UK. But if you’re lucky enough to see some sunshine, here are our ideas for spending the day outdoors:

  • Sports! – grab a football or basketball and head to your local park. Lots of parks offer free courts for basketball, tennis, and table tennis. Look online or stroll down and see what amenities your local park has
  • Picnic lunches are a great, cheap way to have lunch outside the house without paying for a sit-down meal
  • Lucky enough to live near a beach? Grab some towels and sandwiches and make a day of it. If not, lots of places have outdoor lidos that aren’t too expensive, some of them even offer free entry for kids
  • Why not see if you can find some wild swimming? Swimming outdoors in nature can teach kids how to respect nature and about safe swimming – just make sure it’s not too cold!
  • Treasure hunts can be a fun activity for the kids, and it can be fun putting it together too – this is something you could also do inside if it’s raining
  • Get gardening. It’s never too early for your children to get their green thumb and learn about growing their own vegetables and being sustainable. Keep seeds and pips from apples and avocados to plant and teach your children about the cycle of life
  • Go exploring and find a local walk. Make a walk more fun with geocaching
  • Invest in some chalk and decorate the path or pavement outside your house – you could also have a game of Hopscotch!
  • Check out an animal farm! There are many animal farms across the UK that welcome visitors and teach your kids about animals and where their food comes from
  • Top-of-the-line kites might set you back £20 or £30 but you can still get a cheap one for around £5 if you look on Ebay or Amazon, and they can make for a great day at the park or beach – just wait for a windy day!
  • Family sports day – you don’t need school to have a sports day and get the kids exercising. Run your own egg and spoon race, frog jump or wheelbarrow race in the garden or the local park. Get some cheap prices or offer up a day off from chores, think of some prizes for the adults too and this can be a great family activity for everyone.

Your local council website will have details of free events that might offer over the school holidays and more. Keep it tabbed on your phone or PC and check it out for fun free activities for the kids and yourself.


For a safer bet and a rainy day, we’ve also come up with a list of fun activities that you can do inside:

  • Board games and puzzles can set you back a whopping £25 these days but lots of charity shops have completed sets for as little as a couple of quid or even less
  • Or make your own board game! Just grab some cardboard, pens and dice and make something entirely new
  • Museums are a great free day out! Places like the Science Museum, Natural History Museum and National Maritime Museum all offer free entry
  • Similarly, art galleries are normally free and can be a fun day out for all ages – try somewhere like the Tate Modern to get kids interested in art. Bring along a sketch pad and they can practice their own creative skills
  • Cooking can be a great way to introduce young kids and older kids to new cultures and teach them about looking after themselves. Check out the BBC’s Good Food Family and Kids recipes
  • Get magical – magic kits might be expensive, but you can get a pack of cards from the pound shop and learn some great sleight-of-hand tricks
  • Share your childhood favourites with your kids! Download the Harry Potter audiobooks or stick on a Disney classic
  • Middle of August but it’s pouring down with rain? Make a little bit of summer inside and camp in the living room. You can roast marshmallows in the oven and make s’mores!
  • Try making your own flipbook or comics – this can be great for kids and teens


Another great way to entertain kids for free and if you don’t have much time on your hands – as we know many of us aren’t lucky enough to get the school holidays off, are play dates. Invite your child’s best friend over and they can entertain each other. It means their parents will probably offer the same so you can have a day to yourself to get things done or relax.

Hopefully, this list will help you to find some free family-friendly activities that not only your kids will enjoy, but you will too!

Do you feel overwhelmed with debts?

Dealing with debt can be overwhelming when you have children relying on you, especially if you’re a single parent. Sometimes we can be tempted to spend above our means to give our children a great day out to remember, but overspending can add up quickly.

If you’re dealing with debts from several creditors, we may be able to help. It can help you to turn multiple monthly payments into one affordable regular payment. A Debt Management Plan company will always consider you even if you have a bad credit score. Speak to one of our team members for expert advice or fill in our online application to see how we could help you!

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