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Save Money on Your TV Package

Two friends watching TV together at home.

Britain is a nation that loves a bit of TV! However, Television plans, in addition to on demand subscriptions, can be expensive.

If you are trying to improve your financial situation and save some money, we suggest looking at your TV plan and subscriptions to see if you can cut this cost. After all, any money you save could most likely be spent better elsewhere.

To make this process simpler for you we have collected some great tips to help you minimise the cost of your TV package, find the best supplier, and prioritise your subscriptions:

Number one:

Consider what you use the most

If you have multiple packages and subscriptions running the moment, you should decide with your household which ones you use most. For example, if you have Freeview, Sky, Disney+, and Netflix, the chances are that you use some more than others. The question is can any of them be sacrificed?

If you find that a lot of your favourite channels are available on Freeview, do you really need to pay for anything else?

Number two:

Use price comparison sites to find the cheapest supplier

Number three:

Haggle with your current provider

If you can’t switch provider or cancel your current plan you should try negotiating with your current provider. A top performing tactic for this is to say, “I’m thinking of leaving”. In most cases the company will then do their best to try to keep you as their paying customer. Being polite, patient and prepared for any questions, also helps conversations end in your favour.

Number four:

Condense your package

Thinking about point number 1 in more detail… You may be able to speak to your provider to get a bespoke package. For example, if you are on Sky or Virgin Media but you don’t watch the kids channels you should be able to get a discounted package without these channels on your plan.

Number five:

Switch to streaming permanently

There is such a massive choice of streaming platforms available nowadays. From Now TV to Amazon Prime, there is something for everyone. The point is that you may find that subscribing to a couple of streaming sites may be a cheaper alternative to going with an established TV plan provider.

We hope you found these tips useful.

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