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Save Money With a UK Holiday

The London Eye in an autumn scene.

With many people in the UK may find that travelling abroad has gotten much more expensive because of Brexit and COVID-19. Hence, it comes as no surprise that many are choosing to save money and go on a UK holiday rather than abroad this Summer.

Hiring cottages, pitching a tent, or staying in a caravan are likely to be much more budget-friendly than travelling outside the UK.

Here are our top tips for planning a cheap UK holiday for you and your loved ones:

Create a realistic budget

Before you start planning your getaway it is important to work out an honest budget that you can stick to. This should include a budget for travelling, a budget for accommodation, and a budget for daily expenses on your trip like tourist attractions, food, and drink.

Research the best option for travel

Once you have chosen your desired destination you can start the planning… You should estimate car fuel costs if you plan on driving to you holiday destination and compare these to the cost of a return train ticket. It may work out much cheaper to take public transport.

Compare train prices from your local stations and consider buying a rail card for additional discounts.

Shop about for accommodation

In almost every destination you consider, camping is likely to be the cheapest option for accommodation. However, you should consider that camping equipment can be costly if you don’t already own it.

Additionally, we understand not everyone enjoys being so “at one” with nature – and that’s fine! In this case, we recommend using hotel comparison sites and Airbnb when looking for good accommodation deals.

Be tourist savvy

Have a look what activities are available in your tourist destination. From here you can dig for deals. For example, if you are going to Blackpool there is a great Amusement Park there, it may be cheaper to go on a weekday than a weekend.

Moreover, if you are going to the Lake District you might be lucky enough to find some free hiking tours, or discounts for Zipline Adventures, if you do your research.

This step can bring more fun to your trip whilst also keeping costs low.

Evaluate catering options

We highly recommend booking a holiday that is self-catering. Unless you find an exceptional deal… This is because when self-catering you can spend as much or as little on exactly what you want rather risking having paid in advance for food you and your family may not like.

We hope you find these tips useful in your planning – happy holidaying!

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