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Administration Order Advantages

On successful completion of the AO plan and term, any remaining debt would be written off if a composition order is granted.

Repay your debts through one monthly payment.

Your creditors will no longer be able to contact you to demand payments.

Administration Order Considerations

A failure to maintain contractual payments to your creditors could result in further recovery action from your creditors which may increase your debt to that creditor as any costs they incur may be added to the debt.

AO places expenditure (spending) restrictions on the person who is in debt.

Failure to continue to pay taxes, fines, child support payments, and other certain debts could result in the loss of access to essential goods or services, or repossession of, or eviction from your home.

Failure to maintain repayments under the terms of your credit agreements or hire agreements may result in the loss of services or assets and may have a severe effect on your future credit rating.


Since I have started using the company they have been very helpful. They have helped me take the stress and worry away from being in debt.

—Trusted Customer

Do I qualify?

To qualify for an Administration Order, you must live in England, Wales or Northern Ireland and owe less than £5,000, or less. Additionally, you must be in debt to at least 2 creditors and have at least one County Court Judgement or High Court Judgement registered against you.

Qualifying terms

Live in England, Wales or Northern Ireland

Debt level of £5,000 or less

Minimum 2 creditors

At least one CCJ or HCJ

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