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Possible reasons for Benefit Overpayment

There are several reasons why you might be overpaid on your benefits:

  • Your circumstances may have changed (e.g. you have got a new job, been recently married, your child has grown up).
  • The benefit provider may have made an administrative mistake.
  • The information that you gave to the benefit provider when applying for your benefits is not considered to be correct.

How to deal with Benefit Overpayment Debt

The benefit provider will often allow you to repay benefit overpayments by reducing future benefits payments. However, if you are no longer eligible for the benefit or if the debt is too large, you may need to find an alternative repayment solution.

You may not need to repay the debt if any repayments would leave you unable to pay for your living expenses, such as rent or utilities. This is unusual, however, if you feel this is your situation you will need to provide proof of this to the benefit provider you owe the arrears to.

Here at DFH Financial Solutions, we may be able to help you to add your benefit debt into a debt solution that fits your needs & current circumstances.

We may be able to reduce your multiple debt repayments into one monthly payment that is affordable to you.