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What happens if you fail to pay your council tax arrears?

When you miss a council tax payment you will be sent a reminder letter within 14 days. If you make the payment within 7 days of receiving the reminder letter you will be cleared of your debt and can continue to pay your council tax in monthly instalments.

However, if you do not make the payment within the 7 days of receiving a reminder letter your local council will request that you pay your full council tax bill for the year at once. They will send you a final notice to pay your arrears and upcoming payments.

If again, you choose not to pay, you risk facing serious consequences. Local government bodies have legal powers to collect missed council tax payments, and usually address missed payments quickly.

Local councils can send bailiffs to your property to seize goods to cover your debt payment. Additionally, they may choose to take you to court. In this case, you will need to pay the full balance that you owe, plus additional court fees.

To avoid this, you must address any council tax arrears urgently.