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What can you do to tackle your utility arrears?

Check your tariff

Check that utility tariffs are at a good price compared to other utility providers. You may be able to save money by changing suppliers.

Budget your income

Sit down and calculate your sum income and sum outgoings, this will allow you to make sure you can afford everything you currently have to pay for. If your income is less than your outgoings you may need to make some changes (e.g., get an additional job, try to cancel some subscriptions, change energy supplier).

Prepare for your bills

Try to arrange for your bills to come out just after you have been paid. This ensures that your important bills get paid on time, limiting interest, charges, and debt accumulation.

Contact your supplier

When you find yourself in arrears on your utility bills, contact your supplier as soon as possible. Often, they can add a repayment plan to your monthly payment or come to some other arrangement with you before the situation gets worse.

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